Published work

KYSS magazine

A local initiative in the Kingston area of Melbourne, KYSS magazine was my pride and joy throughout university. Here are a couple of editions if you’d like to see where my writing career began…

KYSS Magazine Alias Issue

Alpha magazine

I worked as editorial coordinator for Alpha magazine and became fashion editor for the publication as well. It was a fantastic experience and here are a few examples of my work for the sports magazine, which was the most popularĀ in Australia before it closed in 2011.

Northern Territory travel article

Interview with Essendon Football Club legend James Hird

Makeover with professional stylist for fashion section

Entertainment reviews

Fashion trend update

Video of fashion shoot with divers Alex Croak and Sharleen Stratton

Video of fashion shoot with hockey player Casey Eastham

Green & Gold Army

I filmed some videos for the Green and Gold Army, a supporters’ group from Australia, while we travelled through South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. Here’s the welcoming video.

GGArmy on Tour: Welcome Street Party

Sports New Media

My first job in London had me writing about football and keeping Premier League footballers’ social media accounts up to date. Here’s a few examples of the pieces I put together.

Javier Hernandez key to Manchester United’s title success

Jack Rodwell living his childhood dream at Everton

Jose Mourinho should replace Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, fans claim

Yohan Cabaye is loving life at Newcastle

Independent Online Newspaper

I wrote a few opinion pieces for the English paper and hope to do more in the future.

Why us Australians can’t get enough of Oktoberfest

Why I’m sticking to the golden oldies of horror this Halloween

International Business Times

Then I moved on to the International Business Times, where I was able to complete a range of interviews and attended the 2012 Euros to cover the England team.

SOS Oviedo: From Club in Trouble to International Community

Sir Chris Hoy Claims 2012 London Gold Medal ‘Better Than Last One’

Chelsea have secret weapon to stop Messi

Euro Sponsor Carlsberg in Support of UEFA’s Anti-Racism Stance

Video report of the lead-up to the transfer window for Chelsea

Video report in the lead-up to the transfer window for Liverpool

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