The story so far


Chapter 1: Melbourne

I grew up in Australia’s most liveable city and in doing so, my love for good food, sport and culture thrived for some 23 years. Winters spent standing in the rain at the MCG with my pop and shopping in the city’s ever-winding laneways, and heading down the Great Ocean Road in the summer to sunbathe and surf as well as playing a bit of beach cricket made for a very relaxed and happy lifestyle. But as my passion moved towards a career in the media grew I knew I had little choice but to take off in my car a few weeks after graduation from university in search of my dream job in….

Chapter 2: Sydney

What was once merely a city which we liked to laugh at for their sporting failures, became a place I suddenly found myself loving. I took a job as editorial coordinator at sports magazine Alpha and moved near the beach, which incidentally was right in the city. The move up to fashion editor was fast and enjoyable but suddenly I was missing writing, and packing and unpacking the same clothes every month wasn’t as glamorous as I’d imagined. The perks were fantastic but after deciding to take off for London I knew that leaving was the best option, and a timely one too as the magazine closed the next year in the midst of the recession.

Chapter 3: London

Arriving in one of Europe’s busiest cities completely overwhelmed me at first. While in Sydney I was just a short plane flight home if I didn’t have any plans for the coming Saturday night, here I felt completely alone despite being surrounded by millions of people. After 6 months of building up my confidence and taking charge of my life, London started to feel like home. Travel became a second calling to me and monthly trips away were at the forefront of my schedule. On a routine trip to Oktoberfest in Munich I stumbled upon a guy who didn’t speak English, but insisted on taking my contact details anyway. We started writing, and that led to…

Chapter 4: Frankfurt

Sometimes when you make a tough choice and question if it was the right one, fate steps in and confirms/totally messes up the decision for you. As my visa problems grew in the UK I made the move to Frankfurt to give a relationship with said-guy a try. Very quickly I found a great lifestyle, cheap living costs, lots of nature just like home and relaxed people. Germany came into my life by chance, and I’m very glad it did.

Chapter 5: Stuttgart

My boyfriend is a Mechanical Engineer. His plan was to work for a chemical company because they’re the most stable when he graduated from his Masters. Then Porsche gave him a call. And thus brings us to Stuttgart, with me spending a little time in Strasbourg, France, to complete my English teaching course first. We’re located just outside the city in a lovely village and I can certainly see long-term potential here, particularly as i am so GOD DAMN SICK TO DEATH of moving :)

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