Who am I

I’m from Australia originally, where I lived in Melbourne and Sydney before making the move to Europe. I spent two years in London and then headed for Germany, where I resided in Frankfurt for 10 months before heading to Strasbourg for a month, and finally Stuttgart.


I am a writer and a teacher by trade. I have five years experience as an editor and journalist and after making the somewhat scary but certainly exciting decision to go freelance at the beginning of 2014, I’ve taken on teaching as well to give me more of a variety. I’m CELTA certified and while I learn German I’m hoping to help others to learn the wonders of the English language.


One of my passions away from my jobs is travelling – I get very itchy feet if I haven’t been somewhere or am planning on going somewhere each month. This is one of the reasons why Europe appeals so much to me as a place to live. Having been here for 3 years now, I feel like I haven’t yet scratched the surface!! I’m currently 29 countries down but have plans to visit three more new ones at least this year.


The biggest challenge of living in Germany so far has been the language and cultural change. My boyfriend, who I live with in Stuttgart, is Russian-German, and we both learn new things about our upbringings, traditions and habits which neither of us have ever dealt with before on a regular basis. Learning to be happy and relaxed around people who don’t speak the same language as me and adapting to new ways of communication have been as difficult as they are rewarding. I wouldn’t change this for anything!

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